Leaf Slugger by Erie Construction

GutterClogged gutters can cause major problems for your home. Anything from messy clean-ups, to soil erosion, basement flooding, landscape damage, and even mosquito infestation, can be caused from something as seemingly innocent as clogged gutters.

As water backs up, it can flow behind the gutters, trapping moisture and resulting in rot, mold and mildew. Say goodbye to the dangerous, disgusting job of climbing ladders to clean out your gutters by protecting your home with the new Erie Construction “Leaf Slugger” gutter protection system. Our unique Leaf Slugger system utilizes water adhesion. Made from superior strength .027 aluminum that won’t crack, peel, chip, or rust. The rainwater follows the Speed Channel Hood System and flows directly into the gutter… leaving pine needles, leaves, and other debris to slide right off! Erie Leaf Slugger system even installs over your existing gutters without any modifications or expensive add on units.

GutterYour home is a big investment and with Erie Construction “Leaf Slugger” Gutter Protection system you can have a no nonsense water management system that is strong, stable and quick to install, giving you fast protection. Save time and money, while preventing damage to your home with the Erie Construction “Leaf Slugger” gutter protection system.

Erie Leaf Slugger Warranty

We guaranty a strong and stable product, where even winter climates are no challenge for this system. We can match or enhance your roofline with our wide variety of colors. We can install on virtually any roof type. With a no-nonsense 20-year warranty, your Satisfaction is guaranteed or we’ll clean your gutters for free!!

Erie Leaf Slugger Installation

Quick, professional installation on any roof type, by dedicated crews of experienced and well-trained technicians, who work exclusively with Leaf Slugger system on a full time basis.

Estimates for Leaf Slugger are at no cost or obligation and are necessary to give you the best price and style selection that the market has to offer. There is no need for the customer’s involvement in the installation process. Erie Leaf Slugger crews take care of all the measuring, financing, ordering, and delivery, as well as the removal and disposal of all debris. With over 60 years in the business, ERIE CONSTRUCTION MIDWEST will do a beautiful job on your home.

Available in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan at 1-800-536-4200.