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6 Reasons to Consider New Windows This Spring

Spring is approaching quickly, and many homeowners across the country are starting to put together their spring-cleaning checklists, listing all the projects they plan to tackle after the weather turns. If you’re thinking of ways to clean up your home this spring and start noticing things you’d like to have fixed, are your windows in tip-top shape? If you think it’s about time to replace your old windows, spring is the perfect time of year to handle this project for several reasons. Start reviewing your options for window replacement this spring and choose a reliable and experienced installation team to handle this project for you.

Why Replace Windows During the Spring?

For many Americans, spring is the best time of year to handle big cleaning projects and open up their homes for some fresh air after spending the winter months cooped up to stay warm. It’s common for homeowners to identify problems with their windows over the winter, such as leaks and cracks, making it harder for them to keep their homes comfortable.

Window replacement requires removing the entirety of the old windows first, so homeowners should expect to deal with large holes in their walls for at least several minutes while their window replacement crews handle these jobs. During the dead of winter, this could mean allowing lots of cold air into the home. During a hot summer, these large gaps make it harder for a home’s air conditioning system to keep the home cool during window replacement work. Ultimately, spring and fall are the best times to schedule window replacement jobs, but spring tends to be much drier in most parts of the country.

One: Out With the Old, in With the New (Air)

Spring is the best time of year to push out all the musty air that’s likely been sitting unmoved in the home during the winter and allow fresh air inside. Since window replacement requires completely removing the old windows, this is a great time to take advantage of some fresh air, and you likely plan a few more spring cleaning projects around your window replacement. Consider setting up some standing fans or box fans throughout your home during your window replacement to completely push out the stale leftover winter air and improve airflow through your home.

Two: Lower Moisture Levels in Spring

Spring and fall typically have similar temperature ranges in many parts of the country, but spring tends to be warmer and drier, overall. While the many rainy days through a typical autumn can not only make a home less comfortable during a window installation, they may also interfere with the work itself. Spring tends to have more consecutive dry days and allows for easier home improvement work in general.

Three: Spring Is More Comfortable for Working

When you hire a team to handle new window installation projects for your home, take their working conditions into consideration. They would likely prefer to work on a window replacement during warmer weather, and spring offers light and variable weather that can be great for working outdoors. Working during nicer weather is not only healthier and more enjoyable, but it also cuts down the risk of work-related injuries and generally leads to more efficient work.

Four: Spring Is the Best Time to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If spring cleaning is a tradition for your household, you are probably eager to clean up the outside of your home and get it as ready as possible for the nice weather. Spring is the perfect time to boost your home’s curb appeal, whether you’re planning on selling it or not. Many people looking to buy homes prefer to search during the spring and summer, and the warmer months allow homeowners to make their homes look their best. Replacing your windows can enhance the look of your whole home and present a more attractive purchase to potential buyers if you’re looking to sell over the summer.

Five: Start Enjoying Energy Bill Savings Sooner

If you need to replace your windows, your reasoning for doing so likely includes more than just looks. Older windows can allow air to seep into your home, influencing the internal temperature and forcing your heating and air conditioning system to work harder than it should to keep your home comfortable. Since most homeowners run their air conditioning systems during the summer, it’s vital to ensure they don’t work harder than they should to keep homes cool. Leaky windows can force air conditioning units to run longer and harder, increasing the likelihood of equipment failures. Replacing your windows can cut down on your home’s energy consumption and save you from expensive air conditioning repair bills.

Six: It’s Easier to Replace All Your Windows at Once

If you’re planning on replacing all the windows in your home, it’s typically best to handle this job all at once. If you opt for window replacement during the spring, it will be much easier for the crew you hire to handle replacing all your windows in a shorter time. A typical window replacement job has three main phases: removing the old windows, preparing the open gaps for the new windows, and installing the new windows. Spring weather makes it easier to handle these phases in a more efficient manner, and your job is less likely to face interruptions from poor weather conditions.

Start Reviewing Your Options for Window Replacement

There’s no rule that you need to replace your old windows with newer versions of the same kinds of windows. A window replacement job is a great opportunity to revisit the window selection for your home and think of creative ways to get the most out of your windows. You could potentially install specialty windows, make your window spaces larger, add smaller accent windows to larger window spaces, and much more.

Spring is a great time to clean your house, but it’s also the perfect time to handle home improvement projects such as window replacements. Take time to research your window options as well as local window replacement teams for this spring. Once the winter weather fully passes in your area, replacing your windows can be a great way to kick off the warmer months and provide you with additional savings and peace of mind over the summer.

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