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8 Different Window Styles In Knoxville

There are nearly thirty different window styles on the market. With so many options to choose from, deciding on the right windows for your home can feel stressful and overwhelming. Here’s a look at 8 of the most popular window designs in the Knoxville area, their pros and cons, and price range. As a bonus, we decided to throw in a few pointers for choosing panes and frames, too.

1. Single-Hung

Single-hung windows are a common design. These windows open vertically, and only the bottom sash opens.  Because this type of window does not open outwards, it is popular for windows facing small spaces like pathways or narrow streets. They are easy to install, energy efficient, and affordable. However, single-hung windows are difficult to clean, because they must be cleaned from the outside.

Price Range: $150-$250 and up

2. Double-Hung

Double-hung windows are practical and affordable. Both top and bottom sashes can be opened for improved airflow. Like single-hung windows, they are good for narrow spaces because they open vertically, rather than swinging outward. They are an affordable option and come in a variety of architectural designs and styles. While double-hung windows provide better ventilation than their single-hung relatives, airflow is still limited with this type of window. They are often not as airtight as other window options, too, and are not the best in terms of insulation.

Price range: $250-$300 and up

3. Cottage

The cottage window is similar to the double-hung window. The main difference is that the upper sash, rather than the lower sash, opens outward from a hinge at the top of the frame. Cottage windows are an attractive and classic design which never goes out of style. In addition, they are affordable, easy to maintain and energy saving. Their only real drawback is that because of the small upper sash, they can be a little more difficult to clean.

Price range: $400 and up

4. Oriel

Oriel windows are an elegant and ornamental bay window commonly used on upper floors. Like all bay windows, they extend the room outwards and provide increased space. They provide a panoramic view of the outside and allow more sunlight to enter. However, they are much more costly than other options, and are seen as somewhat of a “specialty” window.

Price Range: $1000 and up

5. Two-Pane Slider

The two-pane slider is a very common sliding window. These windows are usually square or rectangular in shape and have two panes. Depending on the window, either one or both panes slide to the side for easy ventilation. They are a good choice for windows opening onto narrow outside spaces, since the panes do not open outward. Due to their classic and simple design, they complement a wide variety of architectural styles. They are also energy efficient, durable, and long-lasting.

Price range: $250-$350 and up

6. Picture Window

Picture windows are unique in that they cannot be opened. They are usually a large, immobile pane of sturdy glass. The main purpose of a picture window is to frame an outside view, like a picture frame. They are typically used as front-facing windows on the main level.

Price range: $250-$650

7. Casement

Casement windows are single-pane, single-sash, hinged windows that swing outwards or inwards to open. They are great for ventilation, easy to clean and maintain, and offer good insulation. They also come in a variety of sizes and materials. However, they are not the most secure window type.

Price range: $270-$750

8. Awning

Awning windows are narrow, rectangular windows installed horizontally. This window opens by tilting outwards from a hinge-like mechanism at the top. Awning windows are popular for their ability to prevent snow and rain from entering the room. They also provide good insulation. The main drawback is that airflow is limited, and they can be difficult to clean.

What You Should Know About Window Panes

There are several key elements to consider when choosing windows for your Knoxville home, aside from aesthetic appeal. Two components that you should always consider are the panes and the frames.

1. Double-Pane Windows

Double-pane windows are the most common, straightforward type of windowpane. Instead of one pane of glass in the frame, there are two. The space between the panes is filled with an insulating gas called argon gas, which is locked in with a rubbery seal. Double-pane windows are cost effective and provide good insulation for improved energy efficiency.

2. Triple-Pane Windows

Triple-pane windows are fabricated with three layers of glass instead of two. Due to the added layer of insulation, triple-pane windows are ideal for soundproofing as well as weather insulation. While triple-pane windows are generally considered a luxury item and are not typically used in construction in the U.S., you might consider investing in triple-pane windows if you live in an area with extremely cold winters, or if you live in a particularly noisy neighborhood. Triple-pane windows are significantly more expensive than double-pane windows and are also heavier and more difficult to install.

3. Quadruple-Pane Windows

Quadruple-pane windows offer the same benefits as triple-pane windows, but to a higher level. With four gas-insulated panes of high-performance glass, quadruple-pane windows are the most effective at sound and weather proofing. However, due to the added layers of glass, they can be quite heavy and may require some modifications be made to your home’s structure to support the added weight.

What You Should Know About Window Frames

Window frames are typically made using one of four common materials: wood, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass.

1. Wood

Wood frames are a classic. They are attractive, long-lasting, and durable. However, they are also among the most expensive frame types. Wooden frames require frequent upkeep and are susceptible to rot in certain climates.

2. Aluminum

Aluminum frames are among the most durable and long-lasting frame types. Especially when unpainted, they are not susceptible to many of the common problems faced by other frame types. However, aluminum frames are expensive and not as energy efficient as other options.

3. Vinyl

Vinyl frames are popular among Tennessee homeowners looking for more diversity in style and aesthetic. Vinyl frames are good insulators, affordable, and come in a wide variety of appealing styles. However, if you are interested in a more durable and long-lasting frame, wood or aluminum are a better choice.

4. Fiberglass

Fiberglass frames are highly durable and long-lasting. They resist weathering and can withstand extreme temperature changes better than other materials. Despite their durability, many homeowners prefer vinyl to fiberglass however, because it is a cheaper and more aesthetically appealing option.

Window placement, climate, and architectural aesthetic are all things to consider when choosing windows for your home. Assess your options, make a budget, and start window shopping.

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