Low Maintenance Energy Efficient Siding for Homes in Akron, Ohio

Siding Akron OhioThere are many good reasons to have the Erie Thermal Wall Siding System installed on your home in Akron, Ohio.

First, it is a low maintenance vinyl product that closely resembles painted natural wood. But, unlike wood, the Erie Thermal Wall Siding System requires virtually no maintenance whatsoever. Scraping, sanding, caulking, painting – it will never require any of those over the course of its long life. The only maintenance it will feasibly ever need is a periodic spray with a garden hose or high pressure washer to get off any dirt or dust that might have accumulated. Years from now, this product will look virtually the same as it did on the day that it was installed.

Second, the Erie Thermal Wall Siding System will improve the energy efficiency of your house in Akron, OH. An exterior layer of tough Vycralar 90 vinyl is fused to an energy efficient thermal backing/underlayment that is designed to inhibit the ability of heat energy to enter or exit your house. The result? A more energy efficient home that is noticeably less expensive to heat and cool, as well as a quiet indoor living environment.

Third, the Erie Thermal Wall Siding System comes backed by one of the very best warranties in the industry. Our NO NONSENSE Lifetime Warranty, which will be in effect for as long as the home is standing and whether or not you continue to own it, covers fading, cracking, bowing, warping, peeling, flaking, and delamination. In other words, all defects are covered for the duration of the warranty period. The warranty isn’t prorated, isn’t subject to any restrictions or limitations, and is fully transferable to the subsequent owner of your house at no cost to you or them. The Erie Thermal Wall Siding System is rock solid long-term investment.

For more information about having the Erie Thermal Wall Siding System installed on your home in Akron, OH, please contact Erie Construction today.

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