258-wg-wall-wg-classic-tub---wg-8x10-wall-w-shower-highresBath Systems – Acrylic Bath Remodeling in Just One Day

With an acrylic bath system from Erie, you can achieve the same rejuvenated look of a bathroom remodel in a single day. Our bath systems are the ideal solution for covering chipped, stained, or old bathtubs. These custom-molded acrylic systems will fit right over your existing bath, brightening the entire room with a sleek, clean, contemporary look.

The nonporous acrylic of our bath systems:

  • Is easy to wipe clean
  • Holds heat longer than steel and ceramic
  • Resists the growth of mold and mildew
  • Is available in a multitude of stylish colors

For more information about Erie’s bath systems, please contact us today.

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