UV-Blocking Windows

Are your curtains and furniture faded from sunlight coming through your windows? Many homeowners believe this is a normal occurrence. These days, it is not. UV rays cause damage to furniture, flooring, and window treatments. UV rays can also cause skin damage, even through windows. Prevent dangerous sun rays from entering your home with the installation of UV-blocking windows. Continue reading

Which Roof Type is Best for Resale?

The addition of any new roof to your home will increase its value, but if you’re looking to sell, you may want to choose a metal roof. Metal roofs are quickly becoming the roofing trend of the future and enticing sellers. In addition to increasing the home’s value, metal roofs can significantly improve curb appeal by creating a more luxurious-looking home.

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Color & Design Options for Metal Roofs

One of the benefits of installing a metal roof for homeowners in Columbus is the options available for color and style. Shingled roof styles are limited, and you may be left with a less-than-impressive design. Metal roofing options come in colors, textures, slats, tiles, and designs. When choosing a design, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure the return on investment is the best possible.

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The Unknown Benefits of Metal Roofing for Hartford Residents

Metal roofs are gaining popularity around the country. Harford homeowners are choosing metal roofs over their asphalt counterparts for a variety of reasons. In addition to aesthetic appeal, metal roofs offer energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs, durability, and long lifespans. Before deciding between a metal and shingle roof for your next purchase, consider the benefits listed below.

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For Pittsburgh Residents: How to Know When It’s Time for a Roof Replacement

The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is about 20 years, or 30 for a metal roof. Most Pittsburgh homeowners don’t pay much attention to their roofs until problems begin to emerge. It’s a smart idea to check your roof frequently for signs of wear and tear. Small damaged areas can lead to deeper water damage if not taken care of promptly. If your roof seems to be worn or is missing several shingles, it’s probably time for a replacement.
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How Can Dayton, OH Residents Know When It’s Time for Window Replacements?

Windows should last anywhere from 10 to 30 years, depending on make and style. If you’re a Dayton resident,  how do you know when it’s time for replacements? Since they’re not something homeowners replace on a regular basis, it’s sometimes difficult to tell when the time has come. To understand when to replace your windows, look for specific signs of wear and tear. Continue reading

Avoiding Dents While on a Metal Rooftop

With proper instruction from the roof installation company, there is no reason homeowners can’t walk on their metal roofs. Proper procedures vary by metal types and roof designs. Before walking on your roof, be sure to talk with the installer and reference the manufacturer’s guide. If you are new to your home and don’t have proper instructions, our tips below may be able to help. Always test your footing before placing your weight completely on your roof, until you’re comfortable with the process.

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For Dayton Homeowners: The Benefits of Energy-Saving Windows

Dayton homeowners: If your old windows are causing drafts in your home, you need to consider energy-saving windows that keep the heat out in the summer and inside during the winter. The addition of energy-saving windows can create a more comfortable interior and significantly reduce energy costs.

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For Hartford Homeowners: How Experts Install Metal Roofing

Whether planning for new construction or replacing an existing roof, if you’re installing metal roofing in Hartford, you’ll want to know what to expect. It’s a complex job best left to qualified experts with experience. The process of roofing a home can be lengthy and change with circumstances, but there are some general steps the contractor will follow.

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Metal Roofing Finishes for Pittsburgh Homes

For many reasons, metal roofing is a great option for Pittsburgh homes. Metal roofs are attractive, durable, and extremely energy-efficient. The popularity of these roofs has prompted the development of many different options. There are now many different materials, colors, finishes, and glosses to choose from. When shopping for a new metal roof, understand what options are available to help determine what is best for your situation.

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