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How to Choose the Right Color Siding In Nasvhille

Dec 20, 2021

One of the first things someone sees when they take a look at your home is the siding. The color of your siding, its look, and its age all play a role in helping your home to make lasting impressions on those who see it. If you’ve been looking for a way to update your Nashville home or give it a minor facelift, upgrading your siding can help improve your home’s appearance and make lasting impressions on anyone.

Choosing Siding for Your Home Style


Before choosing the right color siding for your home, you need to first figure out what colors tend to work best with the style of your house. Many homeowners have found that matching the color of their siding with their architectural style creates the best results appearance-wise.

Home Styles

  1. For a Craftsman Home

Craftsman homes are a popular style across the country that showcase bold lines, open rafters, and even columns. They often have low-pitched roofs and have become extremely popular in suburban areas. Craftsman homes look the best with earth tones, as their design is supposed to emphasize harmony with nature. More rugged, mute colors like light greens, browns, and blues are the most seen choices for craftsman home exteriors.

  1. Single-Story Ranch Home

Ranch homes are single-story houses that focus on an open-concept layout on the interior with a simple, long exterior. Because ranches are a home style that is lower to the ground than others, lighter colors work better to help them stand out from their surroundings. In addition, natural tones like beiges, grays, and whites are recommended to help the architecture and large windows of ranch-style homes pop.

  1. Low Country Home

Low country Nasvhille Tennessee homes have a similar look to ranches but with many different interiors. They prioritize high ceilings and raised spaces on the inside, as well as boasting elegant exteriors. Because low country homes are often found on the southern coast, “coastal” colors are commonly used as this style of home’s muse. Coastal colors like light blues and reds also make for great accent colors, helping these style homes to come off as fun and inviting.

  1. Extravagant Victorian Homes

Victorian home styles are known for their extravagant exteriors with asymmetric designs, towers, and ornate details. They often use a bold jewel-tone color palette to bring more attention to their unique architectural design. Deep reds, greens, browns, and oranges are all popular colors for Victorian home styles worldwide. Don’t be afraid to use some color if you have a Victorian home.

  1. Tuscan Home

Tuscan homes have more simple, rugged exteriors than some of the other home styles. They’re most commonly made out of stone, so their color palette may be limited to the type of rocks being used. But when you also have siding on the exterior of your Tuscan home, warmer colors like reds and browns that complement your stones are the way to go. This will help to accent the features of your home without making it feel too “busy.”

  1. Mediterranean Home

While Mediterranean homes can differ in their appearances depending on what their influences might have been, their staple characteristics are arched windows, doors, and living spaces. In addition, they often have stucco walls and clay roofs and demonstrate more rectangular shapes than other home styles. Because of the stucco, clay, and other materials used in these homes, warmer colors like red, orange, and brown match the best. These warm colors help show off the shapes and curves of the home.

Popular Color Options for Siding

Once you’ve figured out the color palettes that look best with your home, it’s time to choose the color of your home’s siding. Here are some of the most popular color options and why:

  1. White Siding
  2. Though it’s nothing new, fresh white siding will always have the ability to give a home that facelift you’re looking for. It’s a simple, bright classic that goes well with almost any home style. White siding is often used to help your home appear bigger and emphasize its structure compared to its environment. White is also a great color to find accents to match with.
  3. Blue siding

Blue siding is becoming more and more popular as homeowners look for more fun ways to upgrade their home’s appearance. Light blue siding helps create a light, fresh look, while dark blue can create a more prosperous, bold appearance. The different shades of blue make great choices for homes that need a minor upgrade and want to add a splash of color to their exterior. On top of being a standout color itself, blue also helps to emphasize the colors around it.

  1. Gray Siding

Gray siding is another simple classic that has continued to age well. It’s the perfect accent color to help the main features of your home pop. Grays are incredibly versatile, making them a top pick for homeowners trying to match a few colors specifically. Dark gray siding with light trim can create a beautiful contrasting look, while light gray with light trim can help create a soft, inviting one.

  1. Warm Tone Siding

Another color trend becoming popular within siding is using a warm color palette like dark browns or light oranges and reds. These colors can make a statement, so many people choose them as their main pop of color and use light colors to accent around them. In addition, dark browns and reds can help create a bold appearance for homes that may have simple architecture.

  1. Neutral Tone Siding

For those in Nashville who want to play it a bit safer with color, neutral tones like sand and cream are still great options to help update your home. Neutral tones also offer more flexibility with your color scheme and keep your options open if you want to change anything about your accents in the future. The best part about neutrals is that they look great with almost anything from stones to metal roofing.

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