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Can Your Metal Roof Pay You Back?

Metal roofs can be more expensive than asphalt or other materials. However, they last longer, cost less to maintain, and do not need replacement as often as other types. So, can installing a metal roof save you more money in the long run?

Metal roofs, with their durable materials, protective coating, and energy-efficient capabilities, can save you and your family thousands in maintenance costs and other fees.

Average Installation Costs

Roofing professionals usually break down their costs by the square foot. They also express costs per square, which is 100 square feet. Costs can increase or decrease based on the materials a roofer uses, the quality of the material, and what protective features the roof comes with.

Average installation costs for the most common types of roofing are:

· $7.50 to $12 per square foot for metal roofing
· $10 to $12 per square foot for zinc roofing
· $13 to $18 per square foot for copper roofing
· $1 to $2 per square foot for asphalt roofing

As you can see, asphalt roofing is significantly cheaper than more durable forms of roofing. However, asphalt roofing will need maintenance, replacement, and other costs for it to last as long as metal roofing.


Asphalt roofs typically last 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance and care. If you’re not planning on living in your home longer than a decade, asphalt roofing could provide a solution for your roofing needs. In contrast, metal roofing lasts between 30 to 60 years – more than three times longer than asphalt roofs. Instead of paying $5,000 to $10,000 every ten years for an asphalt roof replacement, paying $15,000 to $20,000 once for a metal roof is a good investment.

Maintenance Costs

Metal roofs cost less in maintenance and upkeep than asphalt roofs. A cheap roof will need maintenance when its appearance starts to fade and functional qualities wear down. This maintenance can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per job, depending on the damage – and eventually, the roof will reach a point where it becomes irreparable, and you will have to replace it. Combined with the initial installation costs, an asphalt roof actually costs more than a metal roof.

Energy Efficiency and Property Value

In addition to being cheaper in the long run, metal roofs also provide direct benefits for your bank account. Since metal roofs are energy-efficient and help regulate temperatures, you will not need to crank the heat or blast the air conditioning. Your home will feel comfortable. As a result, your energy bills can decrease by 20% to 30%!

Cheap, unattractive roofs that need replacing and repairs will significantly reduce your home’s appeal on the market. If you invest in a metal roof, your property value will increase and your house will look more visually appealing than a house with an asphalt roof.

Are you ready to make a smart investment in a metal roof for your home? Contact Erie Metal Roofs today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about our design options.

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