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Build Character, Build Success With Erie.

For over thirty-five years Erie has been dedicated to fostering the growth of every single employee. When you work with a company where the CEO started as an installer, you know we are sincere when we tell you we are preparing you for success beyond just your position with us. While his story is noteworthy, he is not alone. Many of our top-level management began in entry level positions.

When you build a future with Erie, you embark on an adventure of paid, in class and in field training with top performers and Erie leadership. Our proven, in-depth, and continual coaching guarantees the success of every single Erie employee.

Our multi-faceted approach will help you to prepare and perfect your potential. This is why we ensure that every employee has a blueprint for building character, and building success with Erie.

To magnify the success of every employee from day one, we immerse you in all things Erie. We offer strategically designed workshops to arm you with expert knowledge to advance your career in record time including:

  • In class coaching sessions
  • Field training
  • A personal mentor to offer guidance and support, while challenging you to look beyond your goals
  • Opportunities to travel to our other offices to gain insight and training from our other Erie employees
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