Metal Roofing Experts in Cleveland, Ohio – Erie Construction

Metal Roofing Cleveland OhioIn Cleveland, OH, the company to turn for professional installation of high-quality metal roofing shingles that can provide up to half a century of protection is Erie Construction. We are extensively skilled in all aspects of metal roof installation and manufacture our very own metal roofing shingles that are lightweight yet practically indestructible. Made of investment-grade stamped steel, our shingles are resistant to damage that can otherwise be caused by wind, rain, hail, flying debris – even fire. In fact, many of our customers have reporting savings of up to 30 percent on their homeowners’ insurance premiums after having a metal roof installed. We invite you to contact your insurance company to see whether it offers any discounts or incentives for the installation of a metal roof.

Metal roofing simply is the best option for your home in Cleveland, Ohio. It addition to its incredible longevity and low lifecycle cost, a metal roof from Erie Construction can potentially add significant value to your house as well. Remodeling Magazine recently reported that a metal roof can add one to six percent to the value of a home as it assures potential buyers that they needn’t have to shoulder any costly roof repairs or roof replacement projects. We manufacture our metal roof shingles in a variety of eye-catching styles, including dimensional shingle, wood shake, and Spanish tile.

For more information, contact Erie Construction – a metal roofing installation specialist serving Cleveland, Ohio.

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