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Color & Design Options for Metal Roofs

One of the benefits of installing a metal roof for homeowners in Columbus is the options available for color and style. Shingled roof styles are limited, and you may be left with a less-than-impressive design. Metal roofing options come in colors, textures, slats, tiles, and designs. When choosing a design, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure the return on investment is the best possible.

Surrounding Area and Home Design

Popular metal roof designs and colors vary around the country. The roof installed on a Chesapeake-style home won’t be the same as one appropriate for a Santa Barbara-style home. Drive around your area and take note of roofing styles. Write down the colors and designs most commonly seen. Texture is also important. Are most of the roofs smooth, or do they have a noticeable texture? Metal roofs currently available can look like wood, stone, or flat tile.

Color Options

Unlike shingled roofs, colors are not limited to only a few options. Most companies have multiple shades and tones to choose from. Study your home’s exterior color, trim, and gutter color. What roof shade would match or complement the tones? Stay away from trendy colors. Your new metal roof will last 40 to 70 years, so the trendy burnt orange popular today isn’t a great option. “Timeless appeal” should be your motto for color choice.

Curb Appeal

Once you narrow your search to a few colors and styles, consider the rest of your property. Will your choices complement the surrounding plants and flowers? How will it look next to your neighbor’s roof? Neutral colors typically blend well with all surroundings. Bold colors can be beautiful but run the risk of making your home look smaller. Think of the big picture to help decide how to improve the curb appeal.

Ask the Installer for Samples

Your roofing contractor will have samples of available materials. Don’t make a choice based on something you see on a computer screen. Colors, textures, and slats will look different in person. Also, find samples to match exactly what you want. A flat blue slate will look very different than a wood-textured slat of the same color. Some installers also provide custom colors.

Consider Colors for Internal Temperatures

The color of your roof can have an effect on your home’s energy efficiency. Lighter colors will reflect sunlight better than darker colors. Darker colors will absorb the heat, which will increase the temperature of your roof. Your metal roof will have heavy amounts of insulation, but the color difference can make a few degrees difference. If you live in an extremely hot climate, consider a lighter-colored roof. Darker-colored roofs can be better for colder climates.

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