Metal Roofing Shingles for Homes in Columbus, Ohio

Metal Roofing Columbus OhioIf you are going to put a new shingles on your house in Columbus, OH, there are many compelling reasons to invest in metal roofing shingles from Erie Construction. Our metal roof panels are made of investment-grade stamped steel and are able to last 50 years without ever cracking, splitting, rotting, or discoloring. The longevity of our product results in a low lifecycle cost, meaning that an Erie metal roof can actually cost less than asphalt roofing over a similar time span. It isn’t a stretch to say that our metal roofing shingles are the last shingles of any kind that you will need to have installed on your house in Columbus, Ohio.

There are other ways in which you can save money by having metal roof shingles installed, too. One is through a decrease in the size of your homeowners’ insurance premiums. Since our metal shingles are Class A fire resistant and Class 4 impact resistant, they provide an added layer of protection that many insurance offer discounts for installing. Though policies vary, we have had customers report having their insurance premiums drop by as much as 30 percent after having a metal roof installed. Our metal roofing shingles can withstand heavy wind, rain, snow, hail, flying debris – even fire.

To schedule a metal roofing installation estimate anywhere in the Columbus, Ohio, area, contact Erie Construction today. It will be our pleasure to provide you more details on just how beneficial investing in a metal roof can be.

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