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Common Myths About Getting a Metal Roof for Your Buffalo Home

Residents in Buffalo are quickly beginning to realize metal roofing is superior to traditional styles. Attractiveness, durability, and energy efficiency of modern metal roofs have made the option popular. Despite this growth, there are still many misconceptions about what it’s like to have a metal roof.


There is a long-standing rumor that metal roofs are more likely to be struck by lightning. It’s true that metal is a conductor, but metal roofs are no more likely to be struck by lightening than their traditional counterparts. Metal roofs are safer during lightning storms simply because they are not combustible. If one was to be struck by lightning, it would not catch fire as a traditional roof would.


Many people without metal roofs equate their noise level to what they would hear in a shed with a metal roof. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Metal roofs are installed with special underlays in addition to normal insulation, which make them quieter than asphalt shingle roofs. Be assured that hail and rainstorms will not keep you up at night after your metal roof installation.

Cold Weather

There are two misconceptions about cold weather and metal roofs. The first is that metal roofing does not provide adequate insulation against cold weather. Metal roofs keep homes warmer. One heat study was conducted with asphalt and metal roofs. An asphalt shingle will gain heat during the day but lose it quickly at night. A metal roof will gain the same amount of heat during the day but lose only about half as much heat as the shingled roof.

Dangerous snow and ice fall is also a misconception about metal roofs. In older roofing models, ice and snow would slide freely off the roof, creating potential hazards. Newer models have the option of snow guards to break up frozen precipitation before it falls from the roof. In climates with snow, this is the best option for avoiding dangerous roof snow.


It seems that a metal roof constantly exposed to hard Buffalo weather would rust, but heavy coatings are applied by manufacturers. The coating is thick and moisture-resistant, preventing rust for decades. The coatings have been proven to prevent rust, but if for some reason it does develop, the manufacturer’s warranty will cover it.

Metal Roof Denting

Metal roofing is very difficult to dent. Consumers turned away from metal roofs for decades because of this risk. Modern metal roofing systems are made of strong metals and coated with nearly as strong substances to prevent weather-wear. Hail is very unlikely to dent modern metal roofs.

Walking on a metal roof has also been a concern for many consumers. It is possible to walk on a metal roof, with proper procedures. Once your roof is installed, the contractor will explain what areas of the roof are safe for stepping in the rare instance you’ll need to be on the roof. The contractor will show you exactly how to step on the panels to prevent any denting or damage.


The best thing to clear up misconceptions about metal roofing is to perform your own research. Bad things you may have heard about metal roofing are likely out-of-date and not applicable to today’s modern roofing systems. Once you have an idea that you would like to install a metal roof, contact a trusted contractor who can work to give recommendations for your circumstances.

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