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Dayton Window Replacements in Winter? 3 Reasons You Should Consider It

It’s common to associate home repairs, such as window replacements with the spring and summer months. The weather is mild, and it feels like a great time to meet your household goals before the cold months set in. While that may be true, winter can also be a great time to replace Ohio windows, for a few surprising reasons.

Problems With Windows Are More Apparent in Winter

A common choice that many new Dayton homeowners face is whether to replace windows right away when they buy a new home or wait and see how living with the existing windows plays out. Whether you have recently purchased your home or have lived in it for a while, it can be useful to wait until winter to assess the condition of your windows.

The materials that your windows are built from make your windows contract in the cold weather, exposing the windows to precipitation and the outside elements. If you have existing leaks, rotting areas, or spots where drafts are coming in – there’s a good chance they will show themselves when the weather begins to change. Not only will you be able to see the problems more clearly yourself, but the contractor will also be able to quote the repair or replacement job more accurately, thanks to the issues being more pronounced. Sometimes, a full replacement is needed, while other times you can get by with replacing in phases. Waiting until winter is helpful in finding the most accurate representation of the condition of your windows.

Seasonal Discounts

It’s true that window businesses and home improvement contractors in general have an off season. This is especially true in Northern and Midwestern locations with brutal winters. Though repairs are always available when needed, homeowners book teams for fewer and fewer replacements as the seasons change, because most people don’t think to tackle their home improvement projects in the cold and wet.

However, if you are ready to jump on window replacements, it can be the best time to buy throughout November, December, January, and February in Ohio. It is common to find deals from 10% to 40% off on new windows. Perhaps, finding seasonal savings are a great opportunity for a Christmas gift or the chance to spring for a slightly higher quality window. Whatever the case, buying in the off-season is sure to save you money, while getting your newer, more energy-efficient windows in sooner, which will also save you money every month. It’s a win-win. Be a savvy consumer and buy when almost no one else is.

Flexibility With Installation

When you purchase windows in the winter, you will likely have much more flexibility with installation dates than you would in the summer. This is due mostly to the fact that window contractors are much busier and will have to fit you in wherever they can during the summer. If you are planning other renovations in addition to replacing windows, having some flexibility with when the team can install them may be paramount. Sometimes the order of operations in a remodel can be thrown off by accommodating the schedules of multiple contractors. In the winter, there is typically more time to work with, so the job gets done on your terms.

Also, regarding flexibility in scheduling, it’s often possible to buy the windows in winter, but schedule the installation in summer, if that’s what you prefer. Though the window team will likely appreciate the business of your installation sooner rather than later, they will likely be willing to accommodate your schedule and desires for the project. If you prefer to wait on installation, there’s not necessarily any reason you couldn’t save now and install later. It is worth noting, though, that opting for a winter installation may come at a slight discount and will positively impact your energy bills.

Don’t Just Dream About New Windows; Install Them Now

If you are dreaming of new windows this winter, there’s no reason to wait. In fact, there’s every reason to go ahead with an inspection, quote, and potential replacement. It will save you time, money, and wasted energy, while making the process more seamless. If you are interested in a winter window replacement or quote, contact us today.

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