Energy Solutions by Erie – Radiant Barrier, Blown-In Insulation, Air Sealing & More

Energy SolutionsOne of our main goals at Erie Construction is to provide complete energy solutions for homeowners. Since there are many factors contributing to a home’s overall thermal performance, we make it a point to offer a total energy solution program encompassing a wide range of products that can work together to reduce the amount of heat that transfers into and out of the home.

Some of the energy solutions available from Erie that you may want to consider for your home include:

  • Insulation – Our blown-in fiberglass insulation is highly effective at combating conductive and convection heat, and, unlike ordinary blown-in insulation, it maintains its R-value over time for superior performance.
  • Radiant barrier – This is an innovative type of insulation, made of a highly reflective material that blocks 97 percent of the sun’s radiant heat. Together with our blown-in insulation, radiant barrier will protect your home against all three forms of heat transfer – conduction, convection, and radiation.
  • Solar fan – Even if your home is properly insulated, a poorly ventilated attic could be affecting your home’s thermal efficiency. With solar-powered attic fans from Erie, stagnant heat and moisture are vented from the attic all day.
  • Air Sealing – Small cracks can cause air to leak into and out of your home more than you might realize. When you opt for Erie’s air sealing energy solutions, we’ll check attics, fireplaces, outlets, walls, and more to ensure your home is protected against energy loss through leaks.
  • And more

Updating your home with energy solutions from Erie can have a significant impact on your heating and cooling expenses. By reducing the amount of heat that transfers into and out of your home, you’ll keep your HVAC system from working as hard to maintain a consistent temperature inside, considerably reducing your heating and cooling costs.

For more information about Erie’s energy solutions, please contact us today.

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