Exterior Design 101: Windows and Color Matching

Choosing windows for your home can be difficult because there are so many design elements and types from which to choose. Consider taking the following steps when it’s time for a window upgrade in your home.

Select the Right Windows

You should consider both function and aesthetics. The windows you choose should reflect the character of your house. For example, homes with a traditional farmhouse look may want to show off the character with symmetric rectangular paned windows. Modern homes may look best with large floor-to-ceiling windows. If you aren’t sure, explore your neighborhood or the internet for inspiration.

Other window factors to consider include:

● Security features
● UV protection
● Ease of cleaning
● Ventilation
● Views of the outdoors
● Efficiency
● Energy Star rating

Choose Your Accents

Shutters add character to the exterior of your home. If your current shutters are wood, choose a paint to complement your new windows and repaint them. Real wood shutters aren’t common, so if you get rid of them and go looking for new ones, it could be difficult. Vinyl shutters offer a more modern look and are easier to maintain. They are widely available in an array of colors to match your color scheme.

Crown molding adds a decorative touch while also diverting water from entering the frame. It adds the element of height to your window, making your house look taller. Details like ornate crown molding give your home a unique exterior, making it stand out from the other homes on your street.

Trim size matters. The trim around your windows can vary from simple to ornate. Thin trim gives windows a clean, crisp look and is best for ranch-style homes. Thicker trim is often used around a grouping of several windows on a craftsman-style home. Thick trim can easily overpower other design elements, so use caution when adding it your exterior.

Choose Your Color Scheme

If your house is light, darker shutters and trim help to accent the windows. For a darker-colored exterior, shutters a few shades lighter than the house and light or white trim help to bring balance. Don’t forget to take the rest of the neighborhood into consideration, too. You can choose to stand out from the crowd or match the aesthetics of your street.

Choose What You Love

When choosing accents for the exterior of your home, it all comes down to what you love. Use something you will enjoy every day and be cautious of trendy choices. Paint is easy to change, but design elements like windows, shutters, stonework and brickwork are not. Turn your house into a home you will love for years to come.

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