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For Dayton Homeowners: The Benefits of Energy-Saving Windows

Dayton homeowners: If your old windows are causing drafts in your home, you need to consider energy-saving windows that keep the heat out in the summer and inside during the winter. The addition of energy-saving windows can create a more comfortable interior and significantly reduce energy costs.

Making the decision to install energy-efficient windows can be difficult. The least expensive replacement windows on the market don’t insulate against outside elements and do not have the long lifespan of higher quality windows. The decision to replace windows will involve juggling the benefits of upfront costs and long-term savings. If your budget allows, most professionals recommend spending extra money upfront for the energy-efficient variety.

Better Insulation

Energy-efficient windows are designed to provide the best insulation possible from glass. Special gasses pad out the double window panes to increase insulation. The gases act as a barrier to keep heat out in the summer and heat in during the winter. The windows also protect the home against drafts found on other varieties of windows. The result is lower energy costs and a more climate-controlled home. With energy-efficient windows, your house won’t be drafty or require heat-retaining window treatments.

Protection from UV Rays

Have you noticed floors, furniture, or window treatments fading from incoming sunlight? The damage sustained from sunlight is a problem of the past. Modern energy-efficient windows come with a thin coating of invisible metal to reflect UV rays away from your home. This means your interior will be protected from constant bombardment from the sun’s harmful rays. The best part about the invisible reflective coating is that it doesn’t limit sunlight from entering the home, only UV rays.

Increased Light

Many homeowners in Toledo and around Ohio draw the shades or curtains to prevent exterior heat from entering the home. Installation of energy-saving windows eliminates this need. The windows will reflect the outside heat while still allowing sunlight to filter into the home. Homeowners can enjoy the bright atmosphere without worrying about home temperatures rising.

Noise Reduction

The thick design and gasses inserted between the window panes remarkably reduce outside noise. Sounds from traffic, loud neighbors, and music will be considerably reduced. The soundproofing ability of energy-efficient windows is perfect for those living in noisy urban conditions.

Longer Life

Skimping on windows can come back to haunt you in the long run. Low-cost windows don’t have the same benefits as their energy-efficient counterparts, and last only a fraction of their lifespan. Cheaper windows will allow energy to seep out, causing higher utility bills over time. The windows will also require earlier replacement, sometimes up to 15 years before energy-efficient windows.

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