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For Hartford Homeowners: How Experts Install Metal Roofing

Whether planning for new construction or replacing an existing roof, if you’re installing metal roofing in Hartford, you’ll want to know what to expect. It’s a complex job best left to qualified experts with experience. The process of roofing a home can be lengthy and change with circumstances, but there are some general steps the contractor will follow.


The entire process begins with thorough measurements of the roof and slope. The contractor will take a few hours to ensure measurements are correct to order supplies. Most contractors order extra materials in case the need arises. You will work with your contractor to determine color, roofing metal, and gloss finishes.

Prepare the Worksite

To prepare for the roof installation, the contractor will bring in tools, scaffolding, ladders, and waste bins. Your property has now become a construction site, and proper safety precautions should be taken. Be sure children and pets are kept away from roofing materials and supplies.

Remove Old Material

The next step in the process is to remove old roofing. Technically, metal roofing can be installed over shingles, but this can make for an uncertain roofing foundation. It’s best to remove the old roofing for best results. The contractor will then begin to pull your old roof apart bit by bit. At this point, gutters may also be removed.

Fix Damaged Areas

Once the old roof has been removed, your home will look like a new home construction. The roof frame or plywood will be exposed. Unfortunately, asphalt shingle roofs often create water damage that is not discovered until this point in the process. The contractor will evaluate areas of damage and fix or replace these areas. This step is crucial to ensure your new metal roof is installed on a dry, healthy roofing area.

Add Insulation

Once the roofing area is free of damage and moisture, insulation will be added. The insulation will block out moisture between the metal roof and the sheathing. The entire roof will be covered with high-quality insulation.

Install Metal Roofing

The actual installation of your roof will now begin. Edging will first be added to the roof, followed by metal panels, then the flashing. Dependent on your contractor’s process, gutters will be reinstalled at some point during this process.

Instruction Time for You

Once the contractor has completed the process, they will give you a tour of their work to ensure you are happy with the result. At this point, the contractor will also provide you with instructions on how to properly walk on your roof without damaging it. The contractor will then provide you with the following paperwork:

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Workmanship Warranty
  • Photo Release Form
  • Referral Form
  • Special instructions for roof-walking and maintenance

Choosing to install a metal roof is not a decision to be taken lightly. You are taking the right steps by researching the topic to better understand how the process will occur. Metal roofing is made from high-quality material, and contractors installing the roofing systems have years of experience and training. Consumer satisfaction is guaranteed!

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