Metal Roofing Specialist Serving Grand Rapids, MI

Metal Roofing Grand Rapids MITurn to Erie Construction if you require a new roof in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and think you might want to invest in a metal roofing system. We are a metal roof installer that can help you begin to reap the many benefits of having a metal roof installed. There are many proven advantages to going the metal route, including the following:

  • Over time, a metal roofing system is going to be your least expensive roofing option. That is because metal roofs have an extraordinarily low lifecycle cost. Practically speaking, you will never have to worry about replacing or repairing an Erie metal roof. Unlike shingles that have to be replaced roughly every 15 years, our metal roofs are easily capable of lasting half a century, if not more. An Erie metal roof is the last roof that you will need to buy.
  • The metal roofing system that we install on your home in Grand Rapids, MI, will provide an unparalleled level of protection. Our metal panels are Class A fire resistant and Class 4 impact resistant. It is possible that your insurance company might even give you a discount on your homeowners’ insurance premiums if you choose to have our metal panels installed.
  • Three-dimensional installation creates thousands of tiny air pockets that function as an added layer of insulation. Plus, our panels are highly solar reflective.

Contact the Metal Roofing Experts™ at Erie Construction for additional information and to request a quote. In Grand Rapids, MI, we also install energy efficient windows, insulated vinyl siding, and other quality products.

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