Insulated Siding for Homes in Grand Rapids, MI

Siding Grand Rapids MIAre you thinking about putting new siding on your home in Grand Rapids, Michigan? If so, turn to Erie Construction, a nationally recognized home improvement contractor with more than three decades of industry experience to its name. Our Erie Thermal Wall Siding System is a state-of-the-art exterior cladding product that is:

  • Low maintenance – Its outer layer of tough Vycralar 90 vinyl is amazingly durable. Unlike many other siding materials like aluminum and wood, it is highly resistant to scratching, fading, denting, flaking, rotting, and warping. Specially formulated to be nearly indistinguishable from painted natural wood, the Erie Thermal Wall Siding System comes with absolutely none of the maintenance hassles. Having this product installed will allow you to say “goodbye” to scraping, sanding, caulking, priming, painting, and sealing forever. The only maintenance typically required is periodically having to wash dirt and dust off it with a hose. That’s all.
  • Energy efficient – The Erie Thermal Wall Siding System is arguably one of the most energy efficient products of its kind. Its Vycralar 90 outer surface is fused to a high R-value insulating underlayment that effectively helps to seal in heat and air conditioning. As a result, your home will be less expensive to heat and cool year-round.

Should you decide to buy this outstanding product, you will never need to worry about the security of your investment as the Erie Thermal Wall Siding System comes backed by a NO NONSENSE Lifetime Warranty that will be in effect for as long as your home is standing. This warranty – which isn’t prorated and isn’t subject to any limitations – covers fading, cracking, bowing, delamination, and more.

Contact Erie Construction for more information about having the Erie Thermal Wall Siding System installed on your home in Grand Rapids, MI.

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