ENERGY STAR Qualified Home Windows for Residents of Hamilton, Ohio

Home Windows Hamilton OhioIf you are going to buy new windows for your home in Hamilton, OH, buy ENERGY STAR qualified windows. The ENERGY STAR label is restricted to products that meet the rigorous guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Department of Energy. ENERGY STAR qualified windows are built to inhibit the transfer of heat – the #1 cause of home energy loss. Though no specific technologies are required, ENERGY STAR qualified home windows all generally have:

  • Quality frame materials – A sturdy, low-maintenance frame can help lower heat transfer and thus insulate better. Today’s most energy efficiency home windows are typically made of vinyl.
  • Multiple panes of glass – The air between two panes of glass is a surprisingly effective insulator. Some ENERGY STAR qualified home windows have three or more panes of glass for truly superior energy efficiency, impact resistance, and sound deflection.
  • Low-emissivity glass – Specialized low-emissivity, or “Low-E,” coatings are often used to reflect infrared and ultraviolet light.
  • Warm-edge spacers – Spacers are used to keep multiple panes of glass appropriately spaced apart. Warm-edge spacers are simply non-metallic spacers that are used to prevent heat loss through conductivity.
  • Gas fills – The space in between two panes of glass can be filled with argon, krypton, or some other type of harmless gas to improve the window’s energy efficiency even further.

For more information about ENERGY STAR qualified home windows, contact Erie Construction. We install ENERGY STAR qualified windows in Hamilton, Ohio, and other communities big and small throughout the Midwest. Our home windows feature three panes of double-strength glass, multi-chambered vinyl frames, full-length weatherstripping, and Super Spacer® warm-edge technology. Each window is backed by a fully-transferable lifetime warranty covering glass breakage, hardware breakage, and any type of premature deterioration of the vinyl frame.

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