Energy Efficient House Windows for Residents of Pittsburgh, PA

House Windows Pittsburgh PAThinking about buying new windows for your house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? If so, turn to Erie Construction. We manufacture windows that can slash your energy bills and boost your home’s curb appeal. Every Erie window features low-maintenance vinyl frames (25+ colors to choose from) and a three-pane glass pack that is tremendously effective at slowing the unwanted loss or gain of heat energy. This proprietary glass pack is called the Triple 24/7 High Performance Glass System and is the predominant reason why our house windows are so energy efficient. The Triple 24/7 High Performance Glass System is a proven money saver. In addition to having three panes of glass, the spaces between its panes are filled with a viscous noble gas. These gas fills, as they are called, inhibit air convection inside the panes and make it harder for heat energy to pass from one side of the window to another. Multi-paned gas-filled windows such as ours set the standard for energy efficiency in the residential home improvement industry.

The house windows that we install on homes throughout Pittsburgh, PA, are ENERGY STAR® qualified and have achieved one of the highest ratings with the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), a not-for-profit organization that develops fair, accurate, and reliable energy performance labeling data for windows, doors, and skylights. A window with NFRC labeling is proof that its energy efficiency performance claims have been independently verified by objective third-party product assessment.

For more information, contact Erie Construction. We proudly install energy efficient house windows in Pittsburgh, PA, and other cities.

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