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How Does the Shape of Your Michigan Roof Affect Your Roofing Choice?

When shopping for a new metal roof, you have to consider multiple factors such as color, coating material, contractor, and price. Another crucial factor to consider is roof shape.

When you choose a metal roof, you need to know how the roof slope and pitch affect performance. In addition, the design of the roof needs to complement your Flint home’s aesthetic and specific needs. It’s important to know why roof shape is significant and what options are available to you so you can make a smart, informed decision.

Roof Slope and Pitch

Roof slope, or pitch, refers to the steepness of your roof. Metal roofing professionals describe roof pitch as a ratio: the roof’s vertical rise over every 12-inch horizontal run. For example, a 6:12 pitch roof will rise six inches for every 12 inches your roof goes back horizontally.

Roof pitch helps roofers determine the best materials to use, ventilation needs, and even gutter placement.

· Roof pitches of 3:12 or lower are low-sloped roofs, common for many residential buildings.

· Pitches between 3:12 and 6:12 are walkable roofs. A professional will be able to walk on your roof without the precautions necessary for a higher pitch.

· Pitches 8:12 or higher are high pitch roofs. Since these roofs are so steep, your roofer will require special safety precautions.

· Some roofs are multi-pitch, mixing different steepnesses throughout the roof’s surface.

Roof Design and Features

Knowing the design of your roof can help you select aesthetic features of your Michigan metal roof installation. Different roof designs work best with different materials and colors. Common roof designs include:

· A-frame roofs
· Gambrel roofs, also known as barn roofs
· Mansard roofs, which are common in French architecture and form a rectangular shape with steep, sloped edges and a flat rooftop
· Bell-shaped roofs
· Round roofs
· Dome-shaped roofs
· Hip roofs, which are four-sided with sloped sides that form a pointed rooftop

In addition, you should identify the features that your roof has to help your roofing professional approach the project. Common roof features include:

· Intersecting roof planes, that create valleys
· Flared gables, which occur when your roof’s peak is wider than its eaves
· Dead valleys, which are common problem areas where intersecting roof planes meet on a downhill slope

In planning your roof’s design and features, your roofing professional can suggest what design and materials would work best for your roof and give you an idea of how long it will take. This will help your roofer determine how to approach your metal roof project and how to apply apply the roofing material efficiently.

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