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How to Get a Great Quote to Replace Your Windows

Obtaining the best quote for a window replacement is not an easy task. With hundreds of contractor options available, you deserve the best installation at the best price. Erie Metal Roofs has identified four key questions you should ask before you commit to a window replacement contractor.

Know What the Quote Covers

When you see quotes from window replacement contractors advertised on their websites, it is likely only the bare minimum. Contractors often tack on additional services, fees, and other costs to your final bill.

When you receive a quote, always ask what it covers in terms of your window replacement. You can also request an itemized estimate that provides a services breakdown. Does the quote cover installation costs, materials, and labor costs? You should also ask the contractor what additional services their customers usually opt for, so you can get a better idea of what your actual total with that company will be.

Know the Available Window Styles

You should know what style you want before seeking out a contractor. Window replacement services will ask you what your preferences are and can offer consultations on what type of window would work best for your home. However, it’s important to be wary of upselling. Know what types of window styles the company offers and find the design that you want.

Inquire About Your Options

You don’t want a company’s limited window replacement options to stunt the home design of your dreams. A good window replacement company offers:

· Multiple color options for both interior and exterior
· Energy-efficient glass options
· Multiple window designs
· Custom-made windows to fit your specific window opening
· A range of hardware options

If a company has limited options, they will likely perform a limited job. They may try to push you toward an option you don’t want. You’re already making an investment in window replacement – don’t settle for a subpar job.

Ask About Licensing and Reputation

One of the worst things that could happen to a homeowner seeking a window replacement is hiring an untrustworthy contractor. You lose valuable time and money for a substandard window or sometimes no replacement at all. There are several ways that you can check to see if the contractor you’re considering is credible:

· Ask if the contractors have licenses and insurance. Check with your state to see if they require contractors to have licenses, and if they don’t – avoid them. If the company is uninsured, this could place liability on you. Never hire an uninsured contractor.
· Perform a background check through the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List.
· Check their Google and Yelp reviews.
· Visit their offices or job sites to get a sense of how they operate.

Are you looking for top-quality window replacement, metal roofing, or other home improvement services? Erie Metal Roofs is here to help you. We offer metal roofing services to clients in six states, including Michigan, Ohio, and New York. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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