Insulated Siding from Erie is a Great Choice for Your Home in Pittsburgh, PA

Insulated Siding Pittsburgh PAThere is siding and then there is the Erie Insulated Siding System II, which in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is available exclusively from Erie Construction, Inc. Our proprietary siding system offers a wealth of excellent benefits as they relate to:

  • Home energy efficiency – The Erie Insulated Siding System II features a high R-value underlayment made of Neopor®, from BASF, that is 20 percent more effective at inhibiting heat transfer than comparable products made with traditional white EPS (expanded polystyrene). Our siding system will, in effect, wrap up your home like a blanket and make it less expensive to heat and cool.
  • Curb appeal – The Erie Insulated Siding System II is a beautiful home exterior that never rots, never cracks, and never has to be painted. No other brand of siding offers a similar level of curb appeal without needing any maintenance.
  • Your lifestyle – Because it’s breathable, our siding system does an excellent job of inhibiting the ability of mold and mildew to grow both on and in the home, making for a healthier environment for everyone.

If the Erie Insulated Siding System II sounds too good to be true, please contact Erie Construction today to learn more about how it has benefited other homeowners like you throughout the Pittsburgh, PA, area. We also proudly offer window replacement, metal roof installation, walk-in tub installation, kitchen cabinet refacing, and other home improvement and home remodeling services. Erie Construction is a nationally recognized industry leader.

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