Insulted Vinyl Siding & More for Homes in Cincinnati, Ohio

Insulated Vinyl Siding Cincinnati OhioIf you live in Cincinnati, OH, and wish to invest in insulated vinyl siding, turn to Erie Construction, a full-service siding installation contractor that has developed the Erie Thermal Wall System. This product is designed for homeowners who want enhanced curb appeal coupled with lower heating and cooling bills.

The Erie Thermal Wall Siding System consists of a two layers:

  • Vycralar 90 vinyl – The outer layer is made of tough Vycralar 90 vinyl, a durable material that will maintain a like-new appearance for many years with hardly any maintenance. Insulated vinyl siding from Erie Construction will not scratch, dent, fade, warp, or delaminate. And, it never has to be scraped or painted.
  • Expanded polystyrene – The inner layer, which is fused to the back of the vinyl, is made of expanded polystyrene, often referred to as EPS. The Neopor® EPS that we use is one of the most advanced brands of rigid foam insulation available. It has an exceptionally high R-value and will very likely make it a lot less expensive for you to heat and cool your home in Cincinnati, Ohio. Neopor® EPS is also impregnated with an insecticide called PREVENTOL® TM that helps to prevent terminate infestations.

Erie Construction will be pleased to handle all of your siding installation needs. As a full-service contractor, we can be relied on to manage every aspect of your siding project, including measuring, ordering, delivering, installation, and cleanup.

Contact us today to request a quote on the installation of our proprietary brand of insulated vinyl siding anywhere in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area.

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