Why Insulated Vinyl Siding from Erie is a Good Choice for Your Home in Pittsburgh, PA

Insulated Vinyl Siding Pittsburgh PAFor the best insulated vinyl siding in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, turn to Erie Construction, Inc., a full-service home improvement and home remodeling company that has developed a siding system that can benefit your home and your family in various ways. We call it the Erie Insulated Siding System II, and offer it alongside a wide array of complementary trim components and decorative accessories, including vinyl shutters, gable vents, window mantles, and more. The Erie Insulated Siding System II is insulated vinyl siding at its very best. Choosing to have this siding installed on your home in Pittsburgh, PA, will have a positive impact on:

  • Your home’s curb appeal – Though it’s made of vinyl, the Erie Insulated Siding System II bears a striking resemblance to painted natural wood, although unlike wood, it never has to be scraped, primed, painted, sealed, or caulked. It is a beautiful home exterior that is certain to be the envy of all your neighbors.
  • Your home’s energy efficiency – A high R-value Neopor® backing will keep heat where it belongs, allowing you to spend less money to achieve a comfortable indoor living environment year-round.
  • Your lifestyle – The Erie Insulated Siding System II requires virtually no maintenance and, because it’s breathable, inhibits the ability of mold and mildew to grow on and in the home.

To request more information about the Erie Insulated Siding System II and to learn more about why it is increasingly becoming the insulated vinyl siding brand of choice for homeowners throughout Pittsburgh, PA, please contact Erie Construction today.

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