Insulated Vinyl Siding Can Boost the Energy Efficiency of Your Home in the Rochester, NY, Area

Insulated Vinyl Siding Rochester NYInnovations in insulated vinyl siding have packed more value into this investment than ever. That’s particularly true for homeowners in the Rochester, New York, area, who see high amounts of winter snowfall and long chilly seasons, along with high humidity levels in the summer months.

The ability to shield your home from outside temperatures has become a treasured bonus of  durable vinyl siding, so much so that the federal government’s ENERGY STAR® program recently added insulated vinyl siding to the list of features that help houses meet requirements for the Qualified Homes Program that rates energy efficiency. That’s because insulated siding not only helps conserve natural resources through reduced energy consumption, but also can save money for homeowners who can keep their dwellings comfortable with less demand on their heating and cooling systems. That typically translates into lower monthly energy bills and extends the life of your heating and cooling equipment.

That’s a major reason why homeowners in Rochester, NY, and surrounding communities should be interested in the Thermal Wall Siding System from Erie Construction. We combine our proprietary brand of insulated vinyl siding with expert installation techniques to protect your home from the elements. Consider these aspects of our siding that make it stand out:

  • We start with ultra-tough Vycralar 90 vinyl that won’t scratch, dent, peel, or warp.
  • Then we fuse that to a Neopor® backing, a highly advanced brand of rigid foam insulation with a high rating for blocking heat flow.
  • Finally, we expertly install our insulated vinyl siding system using a team of experienced and trained technicians who work exclusively with our siding and trim.

Moreover, our Thermal Wall Siding System is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, which is good for the length of time the house remains structurally intact.

But money-saving protection isn’t your only concern for your home. At Erie, we haven’t forgotten the importance of looks. We offer siding in a wide variety of colors, plus a full line of architectural accents, including shutters, gable vents, crown molding, and more. Your home will be the showcase of the neighborhood, while you save money and time because of your energy efficient, low-maintenance, no-hassle choice of Erie Construction’s Thermal Wall Siding System.

Contact Erie Construction today for more information about insulated vinyl siding for your home in Rochester, NY, or a nearby community. We’re also happy to provide free estimates.

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