Insulated Vinyl Siding for Homes in Lansing, MI

Vinyl Siding Lansing MIVinyl siding from Erie Construction offers a number of distinct advantages for you and your home in Lansing, MI. Perhaps most importantly, our siding comes with a special thermal underlayment made of Neopor® that will keep your home incredibly well insulated throughout the year. Neopor® consists of high-purity graphite integrated into a polymer matrix, resulting in a highly adaptable form of rigid foam insulation that actually becomes more effective as the weather outside gets colder! Thanks to Neopor®, our insulated vinyl siding offers up to 20 percent higher R-Value than comparable products that utilize ordinary white EPS (expanded polystyrene). In addition, Neopor® is treated with an insecticide that will help protect your home against termite damage.

A second important benefit of our vinyl siding is that it is an extremely low-maintenance product. You will never have to scape, caulk, or paint it, and the only cleaning it typically requires is an occasional rinse with a garden hose or high-pressure washer. Made of tough Vycralar 90 vinyl, it won’t scratch, dent, peel, flake, or suffer from any of the other deficiencies common among other types of siding made of wood or aluminum.

Lastly, our siding comes backed by a warranty that will remain in effect for as long as your house in Lansing, MI, is standing. This warranty is fully transferable and not prorated in any fashion.

For more information, contact Erie Construction. We proudly install insulated vinyl siding throughout the Lansing, MI, area.

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