Metal Roof Installer Serving Atlanta, GA

Metal Roof Atlanta GAErie Construction is a metal roof installer serving Atlanta, Georgia, and many of the surrounding suburbs. The Metal Roofing Experts™ on our team are all highly trained individuals who are friendly, hardworking, and committed to maintaining a safe jobsite and to ensuring that every project is done just right. The metal roof panels that we use are made of investment-grade steel; each one receives multiple layers of protective coatings at the factory to ensure long life and a superior level of protection against rain, sun, high humidity, hail, flying debris – even fire. As they are Class 4 impact resistant and Class A fire resistant, our metal roofing shingles can potentially help you qualify for a significant discount on your homeowners’ insurance premiums. Be sure to contact your insurance company to inquire whether you are eligible!

Putting a metal roof on your home in Atlanta, GA, demonstrates that you are committed to investing in a product that provides excellent ROI. Unlike a conventional shingle roof that has a relatively short useful life of 15 years, metal roofs from Erie Construction can easily last up to half a century with hardly any maintenance required. You don’t have to have a Ph.D. in mathematics to realize that buying a metal roof can save you a significant amount of money over time. The installation of metal roofing panels can also:

  • Make it less expensive to cool your home, as they are highly solar reflective
  • Raise the value of your home by reassuring prospective buyers that the roof will not have to be replaced anytime soon
  • Minimize roof maintenance as all metal roofs from Erie Construction do not crack, split, discolor, or rust

Contact Erie Construction to schedule a free quote for having a metal roof installed on your home in Atlanta, GA.

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