Metal Roof Installation Services for Residents of Cincinnati, Ohio

Metal Roof Cincinnati OHFor a traditional shingle look that nonetheless has the staying power of metal, consider investing in an Erie Metal Roof. Erie Construction is an installer of high-quality metal roofs serving Cincinnati, OH, and other cities in the area. Our metal roof panels are among the best available, each one stamped to resemble a traditional asphalt shingle and coated with stone granules for both aesthetic and protective purposes. A final glazing encapsulates each panel with a specially formulated coating that will protect it – and your roof – from damage far longer than conventional shingle would be able to.

An Erie Metal Roof is comprised of interlocking investment-grade steel panels that are surprisingly lightweight at only 1.5 pounds per square foot, making them lighter than asphalt roofing shingles. Despite their light weight, our stamped-steel roofing panels provide unmatched:

  • Durability – Our steel systems are durability tested to withstand extreme winds, hail, foreign object (e.g., tree branch) impacts, and fire. Their Class A fire resistance rating means that they will not burn or add fuel to a fire.
  • Energy efficiency – Erie metal roofing absorbs less heat than conventional asphalt shingles and is more solar reflective. Your energy savings will be noticeable after having an Erie roof installed.
  • Affordability – Erie Metal Roofs are maintenance free and designed to stand the test of time. Unlike an asphalt roof, you won’t have to replace (and pay for) a new roof every 15 years when you invest in Erie metal roofing.

Please contact Erie Construction today for additional information on the advantages of having a metal roof installed on your home in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are a trusted manufacturer, retailer, and installer of high-quality home improvement products that incorporate all of the latest styles and technologies. With us, you are guaranteed to get exceptional long-term value for every dollar you spend, whether you purchase a metal roof, new windows, a walk-in tub, or any of the other exceptional products we offer.

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