Metal Roof Installation for Residents of Columbus, Ohio

Metal Roof Columbus OHA metal roof from Erie Construction will provide your home in Columbus, OH, with an unprecedented level of protection. Our metal roofing shingles are made of investment-grade steel, coated with aluminum and zinc granules on each side to create an impenetrable barrier against rust. Furthermore, a thin layer of acrylic resin is applied to each metal roof shingle in order to preserve its beautiful aesthetic appearance for decades to come. A final glazing is used on each panel to permanently bond a stone coating and to ensure that the panel is 100 percent non-porous.

At Erie Construction, our metal roof systems are rigorously evaluated in real-world environments where their durability can truly be put to the test. They are proven to provide unparalleled resistance against:

  • Wind – Our metal roofs are comprised of interlocking steel panels that are designed to withstand extreme winds.
  • Hail – An Erie roof will not succumb to damage from hail or any other type of airborne foreign objects. Whatever Mother Nature throws at it, it can handle. Erie Metal Roofs all have a Class 4 impact resistance rating.
  • Fire – Metal roofing from Erie also has a Class A fire resistance rating. It will not burn or add fuel to a house fire.

The unsurpassed durability of every Erie roof is rivaled only by its energy efficiency. Three-dimensional installation creates a ventilated air space between the metal panels and the roof deck, forming an extra layer of insulation to help seal in heat and air conditioning. An Erie Metal Roof is also significantly more solar reflective than a roof that has conventional asphalt shingles, fostering a cooler indoor environment during the hot summer months.

For more information about the many benefits of purchasing a metal roof from Erie Construction in Columbus, Ohio, please contact us today. We are a nationally recognized leader of the home improvement industry with more than 100,000 satisfied customers.

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