The Benefits to Purchasing a Metal Roof System for Your Home in Findlay, Ohio

Metal Roof Findlay OHInstalling an Erie Metal Roof on your home in Findlay, OH, is perhaps the single best way to keep it protected from the elements for decades. Our metal roofs can withstand heavy winds, pummeling rain, piles of snow, even hail and fire. An Erie Metal Roof is a weather- and impact-resistant product that will reliably shield your home – and the occupants of it – against the unforgiving forces of Mother Nature. In fact, our metal roofing products are UL 2218-rated, meaning they provide superior protection against hail and other airborne objects. Hail-resistant metal roofs like ours qualify for homeowners insurance premium reductions in many states.

And yet, there are many other benefits to putting an Erie Metal Roof on your home in Findlay than just its durability. Consider the following:

  • Energy efficiency – Erie Metal Roofs create a narrow pocket of air between the roofing material and the roof deck. This creates a highly effective layer of insulation that helps to seal in heat and air conditioning. Furthermore, our metal roofing panels absorb less heat than traditional asphalt shingles, which will help keep your home cooler in the summer and your A/C bills low.
  • Low life cycle cost – An Erie Metal Roof will last approximately three times longer than a traditional asphalt roof. Over its lifespan, it won’t crack, split, discolor, or rust. It is actually cheaper, over the long run, to own metal roofing shingles than it is to own the traditional asphalt variety.
  • Home value appreciation – Metal roofing is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Because of its longevity and performance characteristics, metal roofing can add major value to your home and be an excellent selling point to potential buyers.

For more information on the many benefits to having a metal roof put on your home in Findlay, Ohio, contact Erie Construction today.

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