The Benefits of Using Erie Metal Roof Panels on Your Home in Pittsburgh, PA

Metal Roof Panels Pittsburgh PAMetal roof panels from Erie Construction in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offer you a wealth of benefits over and above those provided by conventional shingles, which are typically little more than paper, asphalt, and small granules. Our metal roofing panels are made of investment-grade stamped steel, durability tested in real-world weather scenarios, and guaranteed to last for as long as 50 years, all without ever cracking, splitting, rotting, rusting, or falling apart. Our American-made metal shingles are an excellent investment for the long term that will provide decade after decade of reliable protection against rain, snow, hail, flying debris, and even fire*.

Investing in an Erie metal roof for your home in Pittsburgh, PA, will help you to save money in various ways. Along with essentially not requiring any maintenance, an Erie metal roof will help you conserve energy and spend less to cool and heat your home. Our metal shingles are highly solar reflective and actually function as an added layer of home insulation. Plus, having one of our metal roofs installed might even help you qualify for a discount on your homeowners’ insurance policy. Many of our customers have said that they have been able to save 30 percent or more on their home insurance costs through metal roof installation incentives.

For more information, please contact Erie Construction today. We proudly install our metal roof panels on homes throughout the Pittsburgh, PA, area.

*Metal roof panels from Erie are Class A fire resistant and will not burn or add fuel to a house fire.

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