Metal Roofing Specialist Serving Atlanta, GA

Metal Roofing Atlanta GAIf you live in Atlanta, Georgia, and are interested in perhaps investing in a metal roof, then turn to the Metal Roofing Experts™ at Erie Construction. The installers on our team are highly trained in all aspects of the installation of metal roof panels, which visually resemble conventional roofing materials but last significantly longer. All our metal roofing panels are made of investment-grade stamped steel and are designed to mimic any one of three traditional styles:

  • Dimension shingle
  • Wood shake
  • Spanish tile

Opting for metal instead of a conventional material like three-tab shingles made of paper, asphalt, and granules is an investment that can easily pay for itself (if not more) over time. That’s because metal roofing is designed to last three times longer than a run-of-the-mill asphalt-shingle roof. After being installed on your home in Atlanta, GA, a metal roof will provide a superior level of protection for roughly half a century. And, during that time, it will not crack, split, discolor, or rust. The longevity of a metal roof translates into a comparatively low lifecycle cost. A single Erie metal roof will be less expensive than having to install two or even three shingle roofs over the same 50-year time span. Plus, a metal roof can:

  • Lower your energy bills
  • Raise the value of your home
  • Make you eligible for homeowners’ insurance discounts

For more information, and to see for yourself just how affordable metal roofing can be, contact Erie Construction. We are one of the premier installers of metal roofs serving Atlanta, GA.

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