Why Use Erie Metal Roofing Shingles on Your Home in Dayton, Ohio?

Metal Roofing Dayton OhioErie Metal Roofing Shingles combine the durability of metal with the beauty of a traditional roofing material. Think terracotta or wood shake, only instead of being made of a material that can easily wear down or break, it is made of investment-grade stamped steel that will last literally for decades without having to be replaced. That is every Erie Metal Roofing Shingle in a nutshell: durability tested to withstand the elements, and manufactured in such a way as to perfectly emulate a traditional roof covering. Try as you might, you will not find a better type or brand of shingle to use on your home in Dayton, OH. An Erie Metal Roof is a permanent roof solution, likely the last one you will ever need to buy. Erie Metal Roofing Shingles are proven to last up to three times longer than your typical asphalt shingle. The incredible longevity of this product results in an especially low lifecycle cost, meaning that it actually costs less than owning an asphalt shingle roof over a comparable time span.

You will also be pleased to know that an Erie Metal Roof can help you save money in another important way as well. Because each metal shingle is coated with a solar-reflective, temperature-dissipating finish, it will actively help to seal in heat and air conditioning 24/7. In the summer, your home will be less expensive to keep cool. In the winter, you won’t have to shell out nearly as much money to keep your indoor living environment at a comfortable temperature. Erie Metal Roofing Shingles will go a long way toward improving the energy efficiency of your home, meaning lower monthly energy bills and more money staying in your pocket.

Contact Erie Construction today if you’d like to receive more information about having our state-of-the-art metal roofing shingles installed on your home.

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