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Metal Roofing Is the Best Winter Roofing Material – Here’s Why

The Midwest and the Northeast are no strangers to harsh winters; they both experience weather that ranges from snow and ice to hail and freezing rain. Even when the weather is dry, temperatures can creep below zero in a hurry, running up your utility bill with a vengeance. Homeowners need a roof that’s as hearty as the weather the region throws at it. If you choose metal, your new roof will be ready for the snow, rain, sleet, ice, and freezing temperatures. However, some materials hold up even better than others. Here are a few reasons to go with metal in a cold climate, as well as the best materials to choose.

Standing up to Snow

Metal roofing is ideal for snowy climates for several reasons:

  • Snow slides right off, not putting unneeded weight on the roof.
  • When snowfall is heavy, metal is strong enough to stand the weight to protect the structure.
  • Adding snow barriers is easy, allowing control of how much snow falls off the roof at once.
  • Energy efficiency is better, even when the roof is covered in snow, because metal is a better barrier between you and the elements, compared to asphalt or wooden shingles.

Staying Warm and Saving Money

A metal roof is one of the most energy efficient roofing options, helping you to stay cozy in your home for less. Additionally, opting for metal can create a smaller energy footprint for your home. Here are two reasons this is so:

  • Metal acts as an insulator, allowing air to circulate and keep in heat.
  • Metal is a more powerful barrier between the inside of your home and the elements when the roof is covered in snow or ice. This helps maintain a higher indoor temperature without costing you more money in energy bills.

Which Metal Is Right for Your Cold-Climate Home?

Any properly installed metal roof will do the job better than most other materials. However, traditional aluminum can dent more easily than steel if your area gets considerable amounts of hail. Also, moisture from snow and ice can cause copper roofing to stain other materials on your home with run-off. Some excellent options would be galvanized or galvalume steel.

Talk to the experts at Erie Construction today to learn how metal roofing can be perfect for your home – all year round! We proudly serve the cold climates of Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

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