The Benefits of Using Erie Metal Roofing Panels on Your Home in Pittsburgh, PA

Metal Roofing Panels Pittsburgh PATry as you might, you are not likely to find a better roofing product in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, than the metal roofing panels that are available exclusively from local remodeler, Erie Construction. Our metal roof panels are made of investment-grade stamped steel that has a useful life of up to half a century, meaning 50 years of reliable protection for your home. Erie metal shingles last up to three times longer than asphalt shingles and are essentially a maintenance-free product. They do not crack, split, rot, or rust, and are specially coated to make them virtually impervious to any weather condition. Every Erie metal roof is Class A fire resistant, Class 4 impact resistant, and installed by our very own team of metal roof specialists who are highly skilled in all aspects of metal shingle installation.

Not only do the metal roofing panels that we install in and around Pittsburgh, PA, provide unparalleled long-term protection, but they can also improve your home’s energy efficiency and, in turn, keep more money in your pocket. Erie roof panels absorb far less heat than asphalt shingles and are significantly more solar reflective. Plus, unlike asphalt shingles, our metal panels do not lie flat against the roof deck. Instead, special three-dimensional installation creates thousands of tiny pockets of air that function like an extra layer of insulation. This ventilated air space is an effective insulator that will help make your home in Pittsburgh less expensive to heat and cool.

For more information on the many benefits of having our metal roofing panels installed on your home anywhere in the Pittsburgh, PA, area, please contact Erie Construction today.

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