We Install Metal Roofs in Cleveland, Ohio & Other Midwest Cites

Metal Roofs Cleveland OhioAt Erie Construction, we proudly install metal roofs on homes throughout the Cleveland, OH, area. A metal roof from Erie costs less than a traditional asphalt roof over time, is durable enough to withstand just about anything Mother Nature throws at it, and can lead to a significant improvement in your home’s overall value.

Let’s look at each of these benefits in turn:

  • Cost – Though generally more expensive to initially install, metal roofs actually cost less than traditional asphalt shingle roofs over time. Instead of having to be replaced every ~15 years, a metal roof from Erie Construction can last as long as half a century. A metal roof is a long-term investment that can actually save you thousands in roof replacement costs. It will, in all likelihood, be the last roof you will ever have to pay someone to install.
  • Durability – Erie metal roofs, which are made of investment-grade stamped steel and given three layers of protective coatings, are guaranteed to not crack, split, discolor, or rust. They have a Class 4 impact-resistance rating and a Class A fire-resistance rating.
  • Home value – According to Remodeling Magazine, adding a metal roof onto your home can potentially add 1% to 6% to its total value. It can also make your home more appealing to potential buyers who want an attractive, energy efficient roof that they won’t have to fix or replace.

For more information about the metal roofs that we install in and around Cleveland, Ohio, please contact Erie Construction today.

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