We Install Metal Roofs in Dayton, Ohio & Beyond

Metal Roofs Dayton OhioFor the best metal roofs in Dayton, OH, look no further than Erie Construction. We have delivered unparalleled service and quality to homeowners for more than 30 years, and our metal roofing shingles are simply the best choice for protecting your home. Erie metal roofs, which actually cost less than asphalt shingle roofs over time, are excellent investments that are able to handle just about anything Mother Nature throws at them, including heavy winds, rain, snow, hail – even fire. Our metal roofing systems are UL 2218 tested, meaning added protection for your home in the event of a storm or fire and, potentially, a reduction in your homeowners insurance premiums.

Erie metal roofs are all constructed out of investment-grade stamped steel, and are available in a variety of styles:

  • Dimensional shingle – These metal shingles offer the robust appearance of heavy-cut asphalt shingles. Available in several colors, our dimensional metal shingle is a great fit for just about any roof.
  • Simulation wood shingle – These charming rustic metal shingles are sure to add turn-of-the-century character to your home.
  • Simulation Spanish tile – This elegant style combines the superior performance of steel with the architectural beauty of “old world” clay tile.

One final thing to note about Erie metal roofs is that they are guaranteed to last up to three times longer than roofs that are made out of conventional materials. Whereas an asphalt shingle might only last about 15 years, an Erie metal roof can potentially last as long as 50. That’s a full half-century of reliable weather protection and of not having to pay for a replacement roof to be installed.

For more information about our state-of-the-art metal roofs, please contact Erie Construction today. We offer metal roof installation services throughout the Dayton, OH, area.

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