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Need a New Roof This Winter? With Metal, It’s Possible, Even in Buffalo

Do you need a new roof, but keep waiting for spring to roll around for fear of issues with winter installation? You don’t have to put it off. The things that you’ve heard about cold temperatures in Buffalo causing problems with roofing installation are true – but not for metal. It’s absolutely accurate that asphalt shingles can shrink in temperatures under 40 degrees. If you risk a shingle installation in such a climate, it can cause sizing issues that negatively impact the appearance and structural integrity of your roof. With metal, you don’t have to worry.

That’s just one more example of why metal is superior roofing to asphalt shingles – the most common roofing in America. Why not opt for something better, and why wait? Here are a few compelling reasons to install your new metal roof this winter in Buffalo:

  • Metal roofing saves money on energy bills in extreme cold or hot temperatures. It creates air circulation beneath the roof that provides a barrier between your home and the elements. This also helps your household maintain a smaller, more efficient energy footprint.
  • Metal roofing materials do not crack in extreme temperatures, nor do they bend, break, absorb moisture, shrink, or expand. For all intents and purposes, metal is the perfect winter roof for a cold climate.
  • Living in an area of heavy snowfall, metal roofing can be particularly great to have. Snow slides right off, without putting unneeded pressure on the structure of your home. If you have concerns about snow falling off too suddenly, snow barriers are very easy to add to metal roofs – more so than with other types of roofing.
  • Holiday specials exist in the roofing industry, just like any other. If a metal roof is something you need, want, or have dreamt of, check out holiday savings on materials or installations.
  • Take advantage of the “off-season” pricing. Buying your roof in the winter months can mean deals on materials and installation. As an added benefit, contractors also tend to have more flexibility with their schedules and can accommodate your personal schedule better.

If you want a new roof now, there’s no reason to wait until spring or summer. In fact, the opposite is true. Getting a new roof in winter can save you money in many ways. If you would like to find out more facts about winter roof installations, or schedule a time for a roof quote today, contact the experienced team here at Erie Construction. We are happy to help.

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