Erie Step in Tubs

Step In TubsDesigned with easy access and comfortable bathing in mind, The ERIE Step-In Tub gives new meaning to independent living and an in-home spa experience. Equipped with the newest technology and a variety of safety features, our Step-In Tub is a wonderful alternative to conventional bathtub or typical shower.

Dramatically reduce your risk of falling and regain your bathing independence. The low threshold to the Erie Step-In Tub is just a few inches from the floor. It is much easier to get in and out without having to climb over a tub wall.

Walk-in bathtubs are equally comfortable for people of all abilities. We can show you several options of a true in-home spa, bathing, and therapeutic experience. Contact us today to learn about our full warranty details, and our many updates for bathrooms.

Step In Tubs Step In Tubs Step In Tubs
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