Replacement Windows Manufactured & Installed for Columbus, Ohio, Homeowners

Replacement Windows ColumbusIf it’s time to consider having replacement windows installed at your home in Columbus, OH, then turn to Erie Construction. We’re a company that homeowners trust for value-adding products and professional workmanship. Erie is a full-service home improvement company, which means that we can handle every aspect of your home improvements, including manufacturing, selling, installing, issuing warranties, and even providing service long after installation is complete.

Our proprietary line of replacement windows, Erie Advantage Windows, can benefit your Columbus home in many ways. They can:

  • Improve your home’s curb appeal – Our replacement windows are stylish and available in a wide variety of styles, such as double hung, bay, bow, casement, and many more. Plus, you can customize their look with a range of aesthetic options, complementing the look of your home inside and out.
  • Reduce the time and money you spend on maintenance – Since the frames of Advantage Windows are made of durable vinyl, they won’t need painting, scraping, or repairing like frames made of other materials usually do.
  • Enhance your home’s energy efficiency – Featuring an insulating triple-pane glass pack, low-E glass coatings, and SuperSpacer® technology, our replacement windows provide exceptional energy efficiency. They can reduce the amount of heat that comes into and out of your home, and lower the amount of energy consumed by your HVAC system, saving you money on heating and cooling costs.
  • Increase the resale value of your home – Because of the beauty, durability, and money-saving thermal performance that Advantage Windows provide, they truly add value to your home. The extended lifetime warranties of our windows are even fully transferable at no cost to you.

Contact Erie Construction today for more information about our replacement windows and to arrange an in-home consultation at your residence in Columbus, Ohio.

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