Replacement Windows for Homes in Grand Rapids, MI

Replacement Windows Grand Rapids MIAre you looking for replacement windows for your home in Grand Rapids, Michigan? Is so, turn to Erie Construction, a long-time leader of the home improvement industry and a manufacturer of windows that will exceed your every expectation.

Our windows will help to make an appreciable improvement in your home’s energy efficiency. All Erie replacement windows feature the Triple 24/7 High-Performance Glass System, which is a proprietary three-pane glass pack designed to inhibit the transfer of heat energy. When sandwiched together, the three panes of glass create two independent chambers. We fill these chambers with a viscous, slow-moving, and invisible gas for the purpose of improving the window’s overall energy efficiency. Because the gas causes a reduction in convection, less heat is allowed to pass through the glass. The result is an energy efficient, ENERGY STAR-qualified window that nonetheless lets in an abundance of natural light.

Erie replacement windows are all individually custom made as well. Each one that you buy will be precision manufactured to fit into a corresponding window opening, creating an airtight fit that totally eliminates the risk of drafts. We offer more than 25 exterior colors and several interior wood grain finishes, promising you the opportunity to buy windows that aren’t just energy efficient, but also beautiful to look at, too. Our windows will perfectly complement your home inside and out.

Please contact Erie Construction today for more information about the replacement windows that we offer in Grand Rapids, MI.

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