Energy Efficient Replacement Windows for Homes in Rochester, NY

Replacement Windows Rochester NYAre you thinking about installing replacement windows on your home in Rochester, New York? If so, Erie Construction can provide you windows that will help you conserve energy, save money, and boost your home’s curb appeal. We manufacture windows that are highly energy efficient yet nevertheless let in an abundance of natural light. The signature feature of our replacement windows is the Triple 24/7 High-Performance Glass System, which is a three-pane glass pack that is highly effective at stopping the transfer of heat and blocking UV rays.

The Triple 24/7 High-Performance Glass System is instrumental in making our windows some of the most energy efficient that you can find in the Rochester, NY, area. Between the panes we pump in a pure inert gas that inhibits the ability of heat energy to pass from one side of the window to the other. Gas fills, as they are called, are used by many of the top window manufacturers for the enhancement of thermal efficiency. Typically argon or krypton, a gas fill is a viscous, slow-moving gas that doesn’t convect as easily as ordinary air. All other things being equal, replacement windows with gas fills are always going to be better at saving energy.

For more information about the energy efficient replacement windows that are available from Erie Construction in Rochester, NY, please contact us today. Our windows are all individually custom manufactured and installed by our very own team of professional window installers.

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