Installer of Metal Roofs Serving Rochester, NY

Metal Roofs Rochester NYErie Metal Roofs can be found on an ever-increasing number of homes throughout the Rochester, New York, area. Their growing popularity is easy to explain, as our metal roof shingles offer better protection and last longer than any other roofing material. Consider the following:

  • At Erie Construction, we utilize only investment-grade stamped steel in manufacturing the panels that comprise our metal roofs. Each panel receives multiple protective coatings at the factory for long-lasting beauty.
  • Erie metal roof shingles are durability tested in real-world scenarios to ensure that they are able to provide the highest level of protection. In fact, they are Class A fire resistant, Class 4 impact resistant, and often qualify for homeowners’ insurance discounts.
  • Erie Metal Roofs have an exceedingly low lifecycle cost. Though more expensive than asphalt shingles initially, over time, an Erie Metal Roof is the far less expensive option as it doesn’t have to be replaced nearly as often.
  • Your home in Rochester, NY, will actually be less expensive to heat and cool after you have an Erie Metal Roof installed. Three-dimensional installation creates thousands of tiny air pockets that provide an added layer of insulation to your home. Plus, our shingles are highly reflective, meaning less solar energy (heat) being absorbed by your home during the hot summer months.

If you think that you might want to join the many homeowners in Rochester, NY, who have made the smart choice and invested in one of our metal roofs, contact Erie Construction.

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