Roofer Specializing in Metal Shingles Serving Toledo, Ohio

Roofer Toledo OhioIf you are looking for a highly qualified roofer to replace the roof on your home in Toledo, OH, turn to Erie Construction. We are a reputable roofing contractor that has been active in the home improvement industry for more than 35 years. As a vertically integrated business, we oversee every aspect of the home improvement process, from manufacturing a product to installing it on or in a customer’s home. Erie Construction is also a roofer that specializes in installing metal shingles – investment-grade stamped steel that is significantly more durable than shingles that are made out of conventional asphalt.

Erie Construction is a roofer in Toledo, Ohio, offering a shingle that can help you save money and make your home more attractive to potential buyers, now or in the future. Our metal shingles, which are available in any one of three beautiful classic styles, are engineered to provide decades of reliable protection. Guaranteed to last up to three times longer than traditional asphalt shingles, metal shingles from Erie have a lower lifecycle cost and require virtually no maintenance whatsoever. Having Erie metal shingles installed will mean never having to call a roofer for roof replacement again. We back our metal roofing products with a 50-year warranty that automatically covers the next owner of your home as well.

Contact Erie Construction today if you’d like to partner with an experienced roofer that specializes in installing high quality metal roof shingles – the very best roofing material that you can use on your home in Toledo, Ohio.

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