Metal Roofing for Homes in Cincinnati, Ohio

Roofing Cincinnati OhioIf the time has come to put a new roof on your home in Cincinnati, Ohio, consider using metal roofing shingles from Erie Construction.

Why metal, and why Erie Construction?

Because metal roofing shingles are superior to those that are made out of paper and asphalt in just about every conceivable category. And because, at Erie Construction, we produce metal shingles in a variety of classic styles, including imitation heavy-cut asphalt, rustic wood shake, and elegant Spanish tile. Metal roofing shingles are the best choice for your home in Cincinnati, OH, because they are exceptionally:

  • Durable – Erie shingles are Class 4 impact resistant, Class A fire resistant, and made of investment-grade stamped steel that is given multiple layers of protective coatings.
  • Energy efficient – Switching to metal roofing can actually help you save money on your energy bills each month. That’s because our metal roof shingles are highly solar reflective and are installed so as to create a small, ventilated air space directly underneath them.
  • Affordable – Because metal roofing can last up to three times longer than a traditional asphalt-shingle roof, you won’t have to spend money on a new roof again for possibly 50 years! Plus, during its long life, a metal roof will require hardly any repairs or maintenance. Consider also the fact that a metal roof might help you qualify for a discount on your homeowners’ insurance. Many of our customers have reported being able to save over 30 percent.

For more information, contact Erie Construction, a metal roofing installation specialist serving Cincinnati, OH, and other cities.

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