Roofing Company Specializing in Metal Shingle Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

Roofing Company Pittsburgh PAErie Construction is a roofing company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that specializes in the installation of metal roof shingles.

Why metal?

We install metal shingles for many reasons, but arguably the most compelling reason is that hiring a roofing company like us to put a metal roof on your home in Pittsburgh is going to save you serious money over time. The metal shingles that we install are guaranteed to last up to three times longer than ordinary asphalt shingles, meaning that they will last as long as half a century before needing to be replaced. A metal roof is, for all intents and purposes, a permanent roof solution. Plus, over its incredibly long life, a metal roof from Erie Construction won’t crack, split, color, or rust. We give our shingles multiple factory coatings to ensure long life and a beautiful appearance.

Another big reason why our roofing company uses metal shingles is that metal shingles can actually make a home more energy efficient. Yes, it’s true. In addition to being highly reflective, our metal roofing shingles leave a thin ventilated air space between themselves and the roof deck. This air space functions as an added layer of insulation and helps to seal in heat and air conditioning.

If you would like more information, please contact Erie Construction, an established roofing company in Pittsburgh, PA, that proudly offers high-quality metal roofing shingles, professional installation, and one of the best roofing material warranties in the industry.

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