Roofing Contractor Specializing in Metal Shingle Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

Roofing Contractor Pittsburgh PAErie Construction is a full-service roofing contractor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, specializing in the installation of metal roofing shingles. Available in a variety of eye-catching styles – such as dimensional shingle, shake, and Spanish tile – our metal shingles offer an ideal combination of durability, beauty, and energy efficiency. Let’s look at each of those in turn:

  • Durability – Hiring a roofing contractor like Erie Construction to put a metal roof on your home will make you the proud owner of a roof that will last for as long as half a century. That’s right – 50 years. The metal roofing shingles that we use are made of investment-grade stamped steel that is triple coated at the factory and engineered to not crack, split, rot, or rust. By comparison, the conventional asphalt shingles that another roofing contractor will likely use will last only about 15-20 years.
  • Beauty – Erie metal shingles are stamped into any one of several dramatic styles and then coated multiple times to ensure long-lasting beauty even after decades of weather exposure.
  • Energy efficiency – Having an Erie metal roof installed can help you conserve energy and save money. In addition to being solar reflective, our shingles have tiny pockets of air underneath that act as an additional layer of home insulation, a ventilated air space that is effective at insulating in both hot and cold climates.

For more information, please contact Erie Construction today. We are a roofing contractor in Pittsburgh, PA, that both manufactures and installs some of the very best metal roof shingles currently available.

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